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As a member of the Bourbon and Broccoli community we get to extend you this special offer with Sakara Life: Sign up for your first meal program and receive 15% off, offer available to NEW clients of Sakara only. If the link does not automatically apply the discount, please use code: REFPAIGE_15 at checkout.

Ready made meal options from Sakara

We recommend this done-for-you option to our lifestyle wellness services clients who do not have the time to make their own meals and it’s an invaluable resource. But we are now opening up this offer to our community members as well!

It’s like having a personal health food chef drop off food at your house. Celebrity chef Bobby Flay, is on Sakara’s Science & Advisory Council along with other trusted functional medicine physicians- making sure you get the BEST and TASTIEST foods.

Sakara is a fan favorite among many health-conscious celebrities. And now you can get celebrity-level personal chef treatment delivered to your front door!


The meals are delicious and will fill you up thanks to the fiber-rich greens and healthy fats!

you need healthy fat to burn fat


We didn’t even notice we weren’t eating meat or feel hungry in between meals thanks to the Beauty and Detox waters they give you along with detox teas in the signature meal programs.

And if it doesn’t fill you up, or if you’re super active then make a healthy snack. Grab a pack of Sakara energy bars and Life Source plant-based protein powder for post-workout snacks. (Or if you’re already a Life’s Abundance user, go for a vegan protein shake.)

What we noticed: reduced bloating, no headaches, and more energy, in just 3 days!


Delicious plant-based food and nutritional ready made foods from Sakara


Sign up for a high-end, clean, and responsibly-sourced meal delivery service here. Sakara offers 5 or 3 day Signature programs. The meals are made to stay fresh without all the preservatives that are hiding in the packaged-processed boxed lunches you’ve been buying.



Obviously the 5 day weekly subscription program is the biggest Bourbon and Broccoli approved no-brainer and time-saver. Note there are not 7 days of meals for a reason… so you can enjoy your weekends or meals out with friends. (Have fun, consciously indulge in portioned amounts, just don’t go crazy on junk!) As always, balance is key.


OR if you want to mix it up and make some of your food, you could even order a 3 day program and that’s 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners (which you could use for lunches too) that you don’t even have to think about making for the week!

Great option if you travel for business too! They deliver anywhere in the continental US and you can notify them you will be needing delivery to a different address. Talk about a concierge service! You can also skip a week or cancel at any time with no penalties or hidden fees.



Try out Sakara’s more specialized items: like the 4-week Total Body Transformation programs offered only a few times a year, a 4-week Bridal prep service, or a 1-2 week Level II detox. You can try these multi-week programs without having to have a monthly subscription. Each of these programs come with special gifts!



No it’s not cheap, but neither is eating every meal out because you don’t have the time to make your own nourishing foods.

Yes, it’s an investment. Just like any of the Bourbon and Broccoli lifestyle wellness services are: It’s an investment in yourself. Make steps toward living your best life. You CAN buy back your time while still eating healthier. No more excuses!

Sakara Detox and Lifestyle Foods

But don’t worry if you don’t have the funds for a full-on meal delivery service, if you still want to reap the benefits, you can sign up for their 10 Day Reset DIY Detox Box. They provide recipes, energy bars, and more!

You can even shop around in their Clean Boutique. We love these items for snacks and teas!

We use these products on a consistent basis and swap between using Sakara and our Life’s Abundance products to keep things interesting!

Have any food allergies or sensitivities? In certain areas of the mainland US (East/West coast) They can accommodate excluding up to 3 ingredients.


“This isn’t a diet.
This is a lifestyle.”

-Sakara Life


We love this company because they practice what we preach to our community and clients about any wellness change.

Sakara believes in food as medicine and so do we.

AND they make healthy eating for busy people more accessible… which is so on point with the Bourbon and Broccoli community mission: to provide healthier living solutions for busy people!

*We were really impressed with every piece of the delivery from the BPA free, recyclable packaging to the beautifully done welcome booklets full of more crucial information and insights. Like the other products we recommend: You truly get what you pay for with Sakara!